Image of an open laptop with Google results on the screen, tabletop with Hacktivate Mesa logo printed on a piece of paper, the corner of a coloring pencil box, and part of a bag in the background
Group of children next to a bus on first day of school
Photograph of four students against a black textured background, lined up next to each other and cropped at the waist. All students are wearing black RM Engineering polos.
A giant RM logo in background with students from each sport in action cut out and collaged in front of it
Screenshot of the registration information webpage with 2023-24 Course Selection Resources at top, Video at left, and list of grade levels at right
Freshman Preview Red Mountain Save the Date, Wednesday 2/1/23, 6-8pm, mountain lion logo in top right, mountain logo in bottom right, torn paper graphic across middle
RMHS' new website