Screenshot of the registration information webpage with 2023-24 Course Selection Resources at top, Video at left, and list of grade levels at right

Last Tuesday, returning students received information about making course requests for the 2023-24 school year. Please click here for our enrollment and course selection webpage. Throughout the spring semester, updated information will be posted on this webpage.

Registration timeline:

  • Tuesday 1/17: English teachers will distribute registration materials and watch the registration video with their classes.

  • Week of January 17-20: Counseling Q&A-Counselors available in The Commons during lunch hours to answer questions & assist students with registration worksheet

  • January 18-19: Signature Days-Teachers will talk individually with students in all classes regarding the next step in  their content areas, review student selections, and sign recommendations

  • January 23:  Forms Due-Registration forms returned to their English teacher

Counselors will be meeting individually with each student to confirm their choices.

Incoming freshmen will receive registration information at their junior high schools. Please contact the junior high counselors for more information.